Sooo I think I’m obsessed

I went to see Cloud Atlas (and it was really weird but in an interesting way)
And all I could think about was Spartacus.
Like how I’m gonna miss Crixus, and how I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen to Nagron.

And THERE, out of nowhere, there were GOATS everywhere. Actual GOATS. Like I don’t know how many of them. And I was like “Omfg this is a sign!!!!!! This is the sign that Nagron survives!!!”
I could’ve jumped from my seat and scream!

What’s more: there was this weird parallel dimension or was it the future far far away, whatever. They were dressed very similarly as are the slaves and rebels in Spartacus.
And, there was a tribe that really looked like the Getae!

And there was a beautiful gay love story (which did NOT end well).

Soooo I guess you can’t blame me for only thinking about my babies!